Hotels with 4 and 5 stars

Limited and spacious rooms to ensure that each client can enjoy all the comforts and benefits.
Dream places come true that seek exclusivity before the influx and where the hotel becomes a true place of rest for the client, taking them away from the urgency of their day-to-day life.

Vacation city locations

Locations carefully chosen for their history, geography, surroundings and services. The vacations you want are possible in our hotels.
Whether you want to go shopping or enjoy your bike route every day, we have the perfect hotel for you. We choose each place carefully so that they are unique spaces in the market; gastronomy, centrality, mountains, vineyards, city, coast ... What do you fancy?

Ubicaciones en ciudad vacacional
edificios emblemáticos bien comunicados - fachada hotel cmc girona

Well-connected emblematic buildings

Buildings that are part of the history of the place and unique creations of architects that have been awarded for their design. Whether you want to be in the center or disconnect from the world during your vacation, we have the perfect location for you. City or nature; one step away from everything or away from the hustle and bustle; you choose.

Brands of hotel excellence

We want each hotel to be unique. We choose a specific attribute and focus all our efforts on highlighting and reinforcing it through top-of-the-line features and capabilities.
Quality is the most important pillar for us; That is why we strive to include all the qualities of the place and to take care of detail, making the customer experience unique.

marca de excelencia hotelera