Proven idea

A mature, proven and possible business idea, in a competitive environment of hotels without identity, where they only offer standard comfort for sleeping, without novelty in anything and barely offering only a bed and breakfast.


Because today, the importance of operating with a first-rate international brand is basic. Due to booking potential, brand interest, client portfolio and powerful loyalty programs, representing a significant percentage of hotel occupancy. We only work with a first-rate international brand and it is implemented in each hotel depending on the suitability of each operation.

By location

With “Premium” situations, with all the infrastructures and services that this represents.

Promoter Team

Highly professional team, with many years of experience, benchmarks and proven success in the ****, ***** and ***** GL segments. Under the support, as strategic franchisee partners.

Clean Operational Design

Possibility of defining an operational structure of a business from the beginning, without defects… achieving a real optimization of the necessary costs.